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    Oaxaca II-III-IV Wind Complex

    The largest wind power complex in Latin America, it is made up of 204 AW1500 wind turbines, which generate enough energy to power 700,000 Mexican homes.

    The Wind Complex consists of the Oaxaca II, Oaxaca III and Oaxaca IV wind farms, all of them including AW1500 wind turbines, of 1.5MW rated capacity each. Located in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, a site with an exceptional wind resource, it produces around 1,129 GWh a year, equivalent to the power demand of 700,000  homes. It is owned and operated by ACCIONA Energia.

    General information

    Isthmus of Tehuantépec. Oaxaca. Mexico.
    Total capacity
    306 MW
    Entry into service


    Wind turbine generator

    ACCIONA Windpower AW 70/1500
    Rotor diameter
    70 m
    Wind class
    IEC Ia
    Steel. 80 m hub height  
    AW/Tecsis 34

    Key points

    • Installation of 204 wind turbines
    • Complex consisting of 3 wind farms of 102 MW each (Oaxaca II, Oaxaca III and Oaxaca IV).
    • 34.5 km of roads/tracks.
    • 350 km of underground cables.
    • 49 km 230 kV transmission line.

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