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COE-25 Project

COE-25 is a company-wide initiative to reduce cost of energy (COE) by 25%. With roots as a wind farm owner, we understand how all aspects of COE are integrated and impacted by the wind turbine generator. This has led to finding and implementing efficiency improvements throughout the value chain which we are able to pass to our customers.


In ACCIONA Windpower, our customers’ satisfaction is an obsession. We know that the conditions of an ever more competitive market mean that we need to optimize all the elements of a wind farm to obtain maximum performance through its working life. This is why we have undertaken a collective effort with the aim of initially reducing the cost of energy (COE) produced by our AW wind turbines by 20% over the period 2012-2014.

Not only will we achieve it, we have gone further and reached a reduction of up to 28%, with an additional target of plus 16% for the upcoming two years. Naturally, this will take place without affecting the proven quality of our products, which have a reputation as being among the most reliable in the market.

The COE Project represents an impressive organized and structured collective effort in which over one hundred people from the company have participated in 14 work teams of different specialties and nationalities. The aim has not been to produce a cheaper turbine but to analyze all the cost items that have an effect on the COE of a wind farm, both in terms of investment and operation. Among other things, the different components of a wind turbine have been analyzed: mechanical, electrical, towers, blades; logistics, installation costs and operation and maintenance costs. All this has been done through an advanced management methodology that is yielding better-than-expected results.

As a result of this process, our AW3000 platform is achieving very strong commercial success, which we trust will last for a long time.

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