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Concrete Towers

Our mission is to provide efficient solutions for our customers. That is why we have developed a concrete tower technology for sites where it is important to reach the highest possible hub heights and optimize wind power generation.

ACCIONA offers its customers a wide variety of tower heights in steel and concrete, from 60 meters for the AW1500 platform up to 137.5 meters for the AW3000.

Different technical factors – such as the importance of raising the hub height and increasing rotor size to increase energy capture – and restrictions of supply and access have led us to develop in-house technology in the construction of concrete towers.

ACCIONA Windpower is an expert in the manufacture of concrete wind turbine towers, using a novel production close to the site of the wind farm. We have successfully used this system in more than 200 towers, in a wide range of conditions that can be found in countries such as Spain, Poland, Brazil or Mexico.

Concrete towers provide the following main advantages:

  • An ideal solution for high tower heights and large rotor diameters.
  • Transport cost savings due to on-site manufacture.
  • Fewer supply restrictions for market reasons.
  • Higher use of local content.

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